Top Choice For Trackball Mouse

Trackball mouses are often overlooked by consumers. However, that’s a mistake if we go by the comments on this story. ProtoArc offers one of the top choices in the market, the EM01 ADVANCED WIRELESS RGB TRACKBALL is one of the most popular mouses according to the market research we have done before. It is considered a more comfortable one but with the same control you’d get with a regular mouse. Plus, since you don’t have to move around your hand, it can be used on any surface. 


ProtoArc’s latest EM01 Trackball won us over with its colorful rainbow lighting technology. It displays a full spectrum of approximately 16.8 million colors and 4 lighting effects including bloom, breathing, blend, and neon. Fully customizable with a single click, giving your workstation a unique colorful atmosphere.

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