Free Trial Program

We're ecstatic to share our XKM01 Tri-Fold Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse Combo that has been generating exceptional reviews since its debut last month. And now, we're thrilled to offer an exclusive opportunity for more people to experience ProtoArc's innovation through our exciting free trial event for the XKM01.

Eligibility Requirements

1- Having a public social media account (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/TikTok/Reddit/Youtube) 2- Be familiar with using similar products and able to provide valuable feedback on the quality and performance of our product.
3- Provide a shipping address within the United States or Canada. 4- Share your genuine thoughts on the product by posting relevant content such as unboxing, usage, and display on your public social media accounts after receiving it.

How to participate


Join our Facebook group

Facebook group


Leave a comment
under the activity post

Event Process and Timeline

1. From April 14th to April 20th , we will be selecting members from our Facebook group and social media post (so don't forget to leave your comments for us on the activity post ) During this time, we will prioritize members who meet the eligibility requirements based on the trial list.

2. The participation channel will be closed on April 20th.

3. The trial period for the product will be from April 25th to May 15th .

4. Trial members can discuss their experience with the product in our Facebook group at any time.

5. The event will end on May 15th, and user group members are required to post about the product on social media.

Don't forget to include your email for easy communication!