EK01 Advanced Ergonomic Split Keyboard Solution

Try unplugging the USB/disconnect the Bluetooth and re-inserting/reconnecting. If this doesn't resolve the issue, try plugging it into another USB port on your computer.

If this doesn't work, try using the keyboard on another computer, as it could be an issue with your computer system. If this hasn't resolved the issue, please contact our customer services team via support@protoarc.com, as it could be a defective mouse.

The backlight can not be keep on, this way is necessary to protect the keyboard battery.

About the keyboard backlight, the backlight will go out for 30s without operation, press any key to wake up.

If the keyboard and backlight have no operation for 30 minutes, the keyboard will go into deep sleep, you can press any key to wake it up, while the backlight needs to be turned on again.

The "Lock" button is to lock computer screen.

Before using the function keys, please press the FN+ESC keys to turn on the FN function.

And then you can press the F1-F12 keys to get the relevant functions.

We are sorry to tell that the EK01 keyboard does not have Insert and PrintScreen combination key.

Please refer the attached screenshot, if your computer is Windows system, you can press the NumLK key to turn off the numbers keys and then press the "0/Insert" key, then the function is Insert.

The key which like a camera is the screenshot key, please press FN+ESC keys to turn on the FN function and then you can use this screenshot key.

About the EK01 keyboard, there is a Caps Lock indicator on the Caps Lock key, the light turns on when caps are locked.

The material of the wrist rest is a bionic leather made of environmentally friendly materials, with a layer of elastic sponge filling inside.

Short press the keyboard connection button to easily switch to multiple mode devices.