Thanksgiving is around the corner. Genuinely grateful for all the love and support.

It means a lot to us. So we decide to give away ProtoArc's prize to 6 lucky winners.


Choose one of the social media, and according to its steps to enter the campaign.


2.Like the post
3.Tag the people you're thankful for in the comments (Unlimited entries)
4.Share to story


2.Like the post
3.Tag the people you're thankful for in the comments (Unlimited entries)


1.Follow @protoarc_
2.Tag the people you're thankful for in the comments (Unlimited entries)



Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on November 30th (EST)


1. The campaign is open to everyone who is a current resident of the United States.
2. The campaign was running on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter only and closed on Novembe 29th at 11:59 PM (EST)
3. You will only be contacted by ProtoArc™ and will never be asked to provide payment information. Please be wary of scam accounts.
4. ProtoArc™ reserves the right to select reward winners and disqualify erring participants.
5. Participants who use deception will be disqualified from participating.
6. If there is no response within 24 hours, it will be treated as abandoning the prize.
7. All rights reserved by ProtoArc™


1. The coupon is only available for all products on
2. Cannot be combined with any other coupon.
3. Limit one coupon per customer. Must be used in one purchase.
4. Rewards can be redeemed for eligible items only, and do not apply to taxes, shipping and handling charges, or similar charges.
5. Not redeemable for cash, gift cards, gift certificates, or credit.
6. Coupon valid only while supplies last and expiry dates.
7. The value of the coupon will not be redeemed for more than the price of the item.
8. Returns for items purchased will be returned for the price paid for the item, which does not include the value of the coupon.
9. For returns or exchange orders, the coupon will not be given back and is invalid.
10. ProtoArc™ reserves the right to decline the return of items purchased coupons or rebates.