How to Relieve Shoulder Pains at Work?

How to Relieve Shoulder Pains at Work


ow do I relieve shoulder pain?" " How do I stop my shoulders from hurting when I use my computer?" If questions like these have been on your mind, then you may want to spend a couple of minutes on this piece as we discuss tips for relieving shoulder pains.

In whatever form they come - mild or severe - shoulder pains are painful and uncomfortable and can make even the most menial, everyday tasks difficult.

Several culprits are responsible for shoulder pain; intense physical activity, carrying heavy loads, an accident or a fall, and so on. However, spending long hours in front of the computer can also be responsible for the shoulder pains you've been experiencing.

Below, we'll go over some helpful tips on how you can relieve and subsequently prevent your shoulders from being in pain while you work.

4 Helpful Tips for Reliving Shoulder Pain at Work

1. Maintain a balanced posture while working

Chronic shoulder pains aren't sudden; they are usually the result of placing your arms, hands, and other related body parts in awkward positions.

When you work, pay attention to your posture and ensure your body is placed in a natural and balanced way.

The best way you can achieve this is by having an ergonomically- friendly work setup.

2. Invest in ergonomics

Ergonomics deals with designing, building, and implementing systems, equipment, and work processes that help balance the human body.

The key to reducing any sort of body pain, especially those induced by work, is by using an ergonomic system.

This involves using ergonomic work pieces of equipment, designing an ergonomic friendly-environment to work in, and so on.

You would have probably noticed that the pain in your shoulder worsens when you've spent a lot of time working on your computer. This is because conventional work equipment are not designed to support and balance the human body. Ergonomic products are, however, designed specifically for that reason - to balance and keep the human body in a healthy position while working.

Here are some pointers on how to get started with ergonomics.

Use an ergonomic mouse

70% or more of the work you do on your computer involves your mouse and keyboard. Conventional mice strain your arms and fingers when you use them constantly because they are not designed with the human posture in mind.

On the other hand, ergonomic mice are designed to support the natural curve of your hand and forearm.

With an ergonomic mouse, you won't have to overly stress your fingers and shoulders when you click or scroll.

Furthermore, high-quality ergonomic mouse like ProtoArc's EM11 RGB Wireless Ergonomic Vertical Mouse comes with features that allow your hand and shoulder to rest in a natural position - something akin to a handshake position - when you work.

Additionally, it comes with a feature that allows for dual mode connection; this means you can use the mouse for 2 different computers.

You don't need to stand up or stretch your body to reach a second mouse anytime you need to scroll through your second computer, thereby helping you reduce how much you contort or twist your upper body, including your shoulder.

Use an ergonomic keyboard

If your mouse is ergonomic and your keyboard is traditional, you might still be experiencing some pain.

Your keyboard and mouse work in tandem and complement each other. An ergonomic keyboard, especially one with a split design, is designed to improve your body and typing posture while you work.

Split keyboards consider the space between the two arms and are designed to reduce strain on either of your arms and shoulders.

With other features like a backlight, an attached wrist rest, and a sleek design, the EK01 wireless ergonomic split keyboard is an incredible equipment to have in your arsenal if you want shoulder pains to be a thing of the past.

Rearrange your workspace to make it more ergonomic

To fully maximize your ergonomic work pieces of equipment, your workspace should be adequately arranged to maximize its usage and also balance your posture.

If your working desk is too high and above your eye level, adjust it. If it is not adjustable, you can adjust your chair or place pillows on it to give you some added height. However, be careful to ensure that your spinal cord is still aligned with the spine of your chair, even with the added height.

Keep your other work accessories and tools within easy reach, so you don't have to stretch your body before reaching them.

Invest in other accessories that will make your work easier

Investing in other accessories that will make your job easier is also essential in reducing work-induced shoulder pain.

Getting a high-quality headset can be a game changer if your work involves a series of meetings.

Featuring an inbuilt boom microphone, you won't have to stretch yourself and stay in front of a microphone in order to attend your meetings.

Other accessories like cable organizers, anti-glare glasses, adjustable laptop stands, and so on will also prove helpful.

3. Take breaks

It is important to take some minutes away from work regularly. This is not only good for your physical health, but it can also help you mentally.

After spending some hours on the computer, take a 20 or 30 minutes break from your desk. You can set an alarm for this if you think you may not remember.

During your break, you can do some stretching activities, walk around your office or home, talk to other people, and so on.

When you return to work, you will be more refreshed and energized to continue working.

4. Add variety to your activities

Switching things up at intervals will ensure you're not stiff or bored.

You can rearrange your work equipment every week. For instance, you can exchange your keyboard, mouse, and other equipment positions weekly.

Likewise, you can change your tasks at intervals. For instance, if your first task is usually to return phone calls, you can move it to the second spot and do something else for a few days.

Say Goodbye to Shoulder Pains with ProtoArc's Ergonomic Work Equipment


or some people, because of the aches they experience, a day at work is like hours spent at the gym engaging in an intensive workout section. Shoulder pains at work aren't rare; however, if care is not taken, they can morph into something more serious.

Fortunately, you can do a couple of things to reduce and outrightly prevent them. Key of which is to invest in top-notch ergonomic work equipment like ProtoArc's ergonomic mouse and keyboard.

Feel free to browse through our catalog here and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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